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Choosing Your Agent

Oils and Real Estate Agents

Just as "oils ain’t oils" according to Castrol, how do you differentiate between real estate agents who are the spruikers (sell, sell, sell); who are opportunists (it’s all about the deal); and who is the real deal?
We probably know who the property spruikers are, particularly on the Gold Coast, where real is sometimes unreal. Their mantra is property values will always rise, debt is good, and greed is even better.
The opportunist moves in and out of the industry depending on their particular circumstances, possessing little knowledge, and armed with a $660 "Licence to Sell". These people are all about the deal, driven by the need to produce office sales revenue with little commitment to seller or buyer.
I’m sure you can identify with some of these descriptors above if you have bought and sold property, but to be fair, there are also many dedicated professionals out there, some of whom are better described as the "real deal".
How do we know? Ruth Fea has worked in the real industry for over twenty years, including working on the people in the industry as a professional trainer, coach and published author.  Over that period it would not be exaggerating to say that she's seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly.
The real deal is HUM & FEA and its principal, Ruth Fea.  If you are selling, you will ultimately pay the same for an inexperienced agent as you will for a professional,  but will you get the best value with the former Unlikely.
If you are considering buying or selling and seek genuine, honest, personalised service, you need to look no further than HUM & FEA.