"the first day we met with you, we realised that you were not the ‘run of the mill’ Real Estate Agent and felt very comfortable doing business with you." Cheryl Macnaught

Marketing Your Property 

One of the key factors to a productive working relationship when selling your property depends on our awareness of what is important to you.  If you have any special requests or ideas on how you would like your property marketed, please inform us of your suggestions and, in turn, this will position us to provide exceptional service. 

Listing Your Property at a Set Price

Listing your property at a price which will attract buyers is most important step in selling. List it only 5% above what the market is prepared to pay, and statistically you could lose 50% of the current buyer pool. You really need advice as to where your property sits in the current market place - who your competition are and what has recently sold. You need someone who knows the market intimately, is experienced and has a track record of  success. The secret to getting the MOST money and the quickest sale with the fewest problems is to price your property RIGHT from day one. The BEST agent is the one with the BEST qualifications and strategies for marketing your property and who proves with FACTS the correct pricing for your property.

Suggestions on How to Present Your Property

We work with buyers every day, and know what they are looking for in property. We are happy to hear your thoughts and provide suggestions as to how you can present your property in its best light for less. We can also direct you to qualified tradespeople & stylists to assist.

Proactive Marketing For Your Property

We are proactive when it comes to promoting your property. We don't sit in the office waiting for the phone to ring, we reach buyers with aggressive prospecting methods that can include such activities as emailing our database, Facebook, distributing flyers and brochures to the immediate area, target mail outs, calling current buyers, as well as open houses as agreed, marketing on the internet, e brochures and much more. We also produce high quality A4 brochures highlighting your property's features for distribution to potential buyers.


You can't sell a secret.  Be seen with our distinctive HUM & FEA “For Sale” sign displaying our office and agent’s contact details.

The Right Target Market  

We take time to write exceptional ad copy targeted to the right buyers ensuring that they are drawn to your propertyWe qualify all buyers to make sure that they are capable of purchasing your property immediately and are not just researching the market for a future purchase. There is no point in showing your property to a buyer today if they won't be ready to purchase for another year! We will not waste yours, ours or their time. 

We Match Properties to Buyers

HUM & FEA have the latest technology available to match your property to our database prospects. We listen to understand our buyers needs and wants. We often have the perfect property available for them, but if not, we will source it and assist them to make informed decisions by providing accurate information re Body Corporate issues, financing, insurance, contractural issues etc.  We do our best to make the purchasing process as easy and pleasurable as possible for qualified buyers.

Buyers' Information Pack

We produce an information pack for buyers which provides information regarding your property as well as community information, schools, transport, shopping centres etc. This makes prospective buyers feel at home knowing about what the surrounding community has to offer.


We will keep you up to date with verbal and written reports providing buyer & market feedback.  We follow up all buyers and report back to you on all inspections, so that you know what potential buyers are thinking about your property. We present all offers. Most importantly, we are tenacious with our negotiations. Will will ensure that we work hard for you, achieving the highest possible price based on buyer  feedback to help you make an informed decision come sale time. We document all telephone calls, emails, letters sent and inspections. We keep careful records to ensure a smooth transaction throughout the selling process of your property. We will dot our i's and cross our t's to ensure you are protected.

Talk to us today if you're ready to sell your property.