"I do thank you for the seamless execution of the Settlement of Ballybunyon with the simultaneous purchase of this new property. It was a pleasure to find that you took care of all the small details, long after the signatures where on the paper!" Liz Ford

Preparing for an Open House    

The Open for Inspection is an important part of the marketing campaign and requires your assistance to make it a success.  The following are a few suggestions to help make your home even more pleasant and inviting.


Quiet instrumental background music, or DVD playing of your property.


Open curtains and drapes - turn all lights on, even during the day. Your house will look more homey and cheerful with the lights on.


Windows and doors open where appropriate - heaters or airconditioners on if needed.


Air out stale rooms. Use aAir freshener if you feel it is required to eliminate smoking or pet odours, but don't overdo it, as some people may find those sprays offensive or some may even be allergic.


Clear off bench tops and declutter wherever possible. Tidy wardrobes and cupboards. Remove all unnecessary items from rooms, hallways and paths. Position a vase of fresh flowers - this adds to the ambience. Clean all surfaces, appliances, windows, bathrooms, floor coverings & carpets. Mow lawns, tidy gardens, check house plants. Restrain or remove pets.


As a precaution, put away all small valuables (money, jewellery, ornaments). Make arrangements with your agent for additional keys, alarm and lock up plan.

We generally find that prospective buyers stay longer and feel more comfortable if the owners are not at home, so it would be preferable if you could arrange to be out during the Open for Inspection times.