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Selling Guidelines

HUM & FEA strongly recommends that you undertake a Building & Pest report of your own prior to placing your property for sale. This will enable you to be confident that when a sale eventuates, that it will proceed without any unforseen complications. To get the best possible price for your property, you'll need to make sure that your place looks great from the street as well as inside. Below are some suggestions from Richard Armstrong -  director of The Makeover Group  - to help you to make your home more appealing to potential buyers. 

It's all in the detail

After living in your home for many years, you may have gotten used to that cracked window, or the wonky floorboard that squeaks near the front door. When it comes to opening your house for an inspection, however, those little things will be noticed by potential buyers, and they will likely reduce their offering price accordingly.  Invite your agent or a good friend around to cast a critical eye over your home. Follow this list and your home will be ready to pass muster.

Cleanliness is king

Making your home presentable for sale is more than just decluttering the living areas and giving the benches a good wipe-down. A proper spring clean is required to attract buyers – after all, they want to picture themselves living in the house, and who wants to live in a dirty home?  Crumbs in the cutlery drawer, water stains in the cupboard under the sink and gunk down the side of the fridge are often overlooked in the kitchen. Make sure you remember to get the cobwebs in the cornices and the dead flies off the windowsills throughout the house. Take a good scrubbing brush and either a chemical spray or some vinegar and bicarb soda to the grout in your bathroom tiles.

All surfaces should be sparkling, but remember to clean far enough in advance that your potential buyers don’t walk into an overpowering smell of chlorine bleach on inspection day.

Depersonalise your place

While your range of funny fridge magnets, pin board for school reports and gym timetables might be essential to your daily life, they prevent buyers from visualising themselves living in your house. Depersonalising and neutralising the space is an important factor in getting buyers to fall in love with the house, see themselves living there, and bidding accordingly.

Rooms should have only one or two pieces of inoffensive art. Canvas prints from nature are good, life-size pregnant nudes are not. Clutter on benches and in bookshelves needs to go, but don’t just toss it in a cupboard. An open for inspection implies that your whole house is up for review, and a cupboard full of junk makes it appear as though there’s a shortage of organised storage space.

Get your green thumb into gear

There’s no excuse for dying plants, bare patches on the lawn, and dusty doormats. If you cannot use the garden hose, then make sure everything gets thoroughly swept – including outside window frames, the top of the barbecue and the letterbox. Mow, edge and rake lawns to create a polished finish, prune trees and shrubs, and look at replacing plants that are lacklustre. A little bit of hard work will see your home sparkle, and be more attractive to potential buyers.


Carry out minor repairs such as straightening loose posts, painting if necessary & repairing holes.

Paths, driveways and paved areas

Clean up any grease or oil marks. Remove all weeds from any cracks or joins. Keep these areas swept and tidy while your property is on the market.

Lawns & Gardens

First impressions are everything. Make sure you keep your lawns neatly trimmed, including the edges and hedges. It also adds appeal if your lawns are green and weed free. Put down fresh mulch to make the gardens look well cared for, inhibit weed growth and reduce the amount of watering needed. If you've got bare patches, consider picking up some bright flowers. Trim back any climbing plants that may have gotten out of control.

Trees and shrubs

Trim back any branches that are dead or too 'leggy'. Remove any limbs that block sun to windows. This will help make your home brighter & more appealing inside.

Pools and ponds

Make sure your pool is clean and sparkling. Any fish ponds and birdbaths need to be clean and clear of weeds.

Patios and decks

To make these areas look their best make sure they are clean and free from clutter. A few pot plants can add extra appeal and make sure that your furniture is dust & spider web free and in good repair.

The building exterior

Wash the walls, eaves and windows, or hire a professional to do it. If the paintwork is flaking don't decide to repaint without discussing it with your agent - it may not be worth the cost involved. Repair any broken windows and replace damaged flyscreens. Wipe down your front door.

The yard & garage

De–clutter. Make sure there is no rubbish or junk left lying around in the yard or garage. Check the garage door moves smoothly and any locks are in working condition. If you have compost heaps, make sure they are neat and not attracting vermin or bugs. Make sure your sprinkler system is in good working order.
Drains and guttering
Make sure your guttering and drains are clean and clear of leaves or any other blockages.


Give each room a thorough cleaning and de - clutter. Consider having your carpets steam cleaned. Fix any loose or squeaky flooring. Check that all the doors and windows open easily and that all door handles are in good repair. Clean all windows to allow in maximum light. You'll need to repair any damaged tiling or wallpaper and you should think about painting any chipped walls.

Storage areas

Make sure these are tidy and well arranged to give the impression of more space. This is a good time to get rid of odds and ends.

Plumbing, air conditioning and fans

Make sure that there are no dripping taps or pipes. Consider having air conditioners serviced before you put your property on the market. All ceiling fans need to be operational, clean and run quietly.


These can add a lot to the appeal of a house. If you don’t have any, think about buying some to brighten up your property.

Lights and light fittings

Check that all of the lights are working and replace any blown globes. The fittings and switches need to be clean and in good condition too.


The stove, refrigerator and sink all need to be at their sparkling best to make this room attractive. Clear the benches as much as possible to make the kitchen look larger.
Put clean towels in the bathroom and clean tea towels in the kitchen. If you can stretch your budget, buy new towels in a colour that compliments your bathroom and put them out during inspections. Make sure the house smells fresh.

You could put a few drops of vanilla essence in a hot oven, brew some coffee, bake some muffins/bread or light an oil burner. Open all of the curtains and blinds and switch on inside lights to make the house look light and airy.


Just before inspection

Restrain any pets - unfortunately not everyone is an animal lover.  Switch off the television. You might want to put some quiet background music on.

Finally, leave the house before inspection time. If the current owner is there, buyers may not take the time to look through a property properly because they feel they are intruding on the owners' territory.